How to post a ad?

Posting an ad on is quick, easy and completely free! Simply click the Post Ad button in the upper right-hand corner and follow the instructions.

I have submitted my ad, why can´t I see it?

Every ad will be reviewed by our moderation team before posting.If our reviewers found your ad to be violating our rules it will be deleted. In daytime, this should take hours, Ads posted after office hours, will be reviewed by the next day.

What are the rules for posing ad ?

  • You’re not allowed to post multiple Ads whose content is identical.
  • You may not Post an Ad that is too short.
  • Online Money Earning ads.
  • Firearms and ammunition ads.
  • Hacking and illegal surveillance equipment ads.
  • Human parts, body fluids, and human remains ads.
  • Illegal drugs ads.
  • Spamming can result in your account getting blocked/deleted.
  • Any porn ad will be deleted.

How long do Ads stay on

Ads stay on for 30 days, unless they are deleted before that time.

Why has my ad been rejected?

If your ad violates our posting rules it will be rejected without any notice.

My account has been blocked. Unable to sign in!

Your account can be blocked or barred, if you’ve violated any of the Bdbazar24 rules and regulations. You’ll need to contact our customer support team to resolve the problem. Please contact us.

How to report fraud?

f you come across anything on Bdbazar24 that you think is inappropriate, illegal or just plain suspicious, report it to us. To report a fraud simply look for the small  flag on right of the ad that says Report this AD. Please click on it and select why you think this ad is fraud.This will allow us to take steps to protect others.