The demand for solar power systems for homes and commercial buildings is going up and in many places it has become competitive with traditional energy sources.

What is a Solar Power System?

A solar power system is an independent source of energy for your household or commercial building. It most commonly consists of solar panels, a charge controller, batteries and an inverter. Solar panels are the integral unit in this formation, as it is their job to actually catch solar energy from light. They are a collection of photovoltaic cells, or solar cells, that absorbs solar radiation and allow electricity to be generated owing to the photovoltaic effect. Then this electricity will be stored on power storage sell which can be used later.

Solar Power Advantages:

  • Solar energy is a completely renewable resource.
  • Solar cells make absolutely no noise at all. They do not make a single peep while extracting useful energy from the sun.
  • Very little maintenance is required to keep solar cells running. There are no moving parts in a solar cell, which makes it impossible to really hurt them.
  • Solar panels and solar lighting may seem quite expensive when you first purchase it, but in the long run you will find yourself saving quite a great deal of money.
  • Solar powered panels and products are typically extremely easy to install. Wires, cords and power sources are not needed at all, making this an easy prospect to employ.

Find your Solar power system and go green to reduce carbon foot print.